lundi 27 septembre 2010

Some paintings part IV

Okay as I promise, a new ticket on monday, it's monday here it is. Today we have one oil, one drawing, and one fast drawing.
I apologize but I do not have enough time to write something more consistant these day. I will be back as soon as possible with new stuff, and new ideas.

PS: Even if I do not have much time to write some tickets, I always take great pleasure in reading your blogs. Thank you.

samedi 25 septembre 2010

The moon part I.

I love the moon.

And another picture frome the forest fire.

Today I can't share enough content, I'm to busy. New content on Monday I promise.

vendredi 24 septembre 2010

Okay I will present a new series of pictures. They come from one of my walks in a place in my town called "Le Jardin Des plantes" (Botanical Gardens in English I think). It is once again a very relaxing place in the heart of the city. At the moment you walk through the door of this place, you feel rested.

These pictures are took, by the same person who painted the oils on my blog.

I also post another drawing from him. This time it's can be related to one of our favorite discussion subject. 

I apologize again for my bad English, please let me know your suggestions to improve my english.

jeudi 23 septembre 2010

Random pics again

Okay it's 6:10AM here, time to get out and buy some bread. What it's not surprising, i'm french and i gonna spend 0.70€ in my "baguette".
Everytime I buy my baguette, I got a thought, the price of this food increased greatly since we use euro. When i was younger I spend 3.20Francs (approximativly 0.45euro) on it. That crazy it's almost double up.

Whatever I keep sharing pictures with you.


The two first from the same set I posted earlier in this blog. It is a nice place to go except when there 's tourists. Especially when they come from other regions of France in July / August I really don't enjoy to be in this place but in all others months I can go day or night! At night you can just sit at the seaside, listen the waves, and look the stars. It's a peacefull place.

The third is an oil again!

2 oils, the moon, and 1 random pics from this summer

Hello guys!

Today i really enjoy what you have sharing, pictures, story, actuallity related. This is always a pleasure to follow you keep the content coming you really made a happy man.
I'd like to write history as you. But my English is not good enough. So i'll continue to post random pictures and oils.

mercredi 22 septembre 2010

Random pictures

Okay guys, i'll post some pics i have took this summer.

the first one is sunset took close to the sea.

the second is a huge forest fire happens 08 / 31.

Some paintings part III (moar moar)

I asked the men who painting preview oils to send me more. I'll share with you your comment is a good factor to make him doing he's do the must.


The two first are pencils drawing.
The third is another oil.